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Brand Recognition - Toronto Indy

When speaking about sponsorship, one of my questions to the audience is:

Who is the title sponsor of the Toronto Indy?

The last session every answer was Molson.

I was so happy with that answer because every person was wrong.

The correct answer is Honda.

So, why was I so happy about this wrong answer? Why did I thank everyone for making this mistake? It proved to them that brand recognition worked better than they could ever imagine.

Molson had not been the title sponsor for the Toronto Indy for ten year. For over a decade they had had no association with this huge event, yet every person remembered the name Molson and still associates it with this race.

Having your companies name attached to an event is not only a great marketing tool for the present but, if the connection with your business and the event is strong enough, it can last far into the future. Long after ties may be severed from an event your company can still be mentioned in the same breath, continuing the marketing of your business for years after.


An excerpt from “Sponsorship Myths Busted / Why Sponsor Events”

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