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Mentally Sneezing on People is BAD

You ever been to an event and a person sneezes on you? It’s kinda gross and leaves a bad first impression.



But most people don’t get to that point because, if you are feeling sick, you stay home. You don’t go out to a networking event. At networking events, you have to be in tip top condition both physically and mentally.

We forget that if we are having a bad day you can project that onto a person. You give off bad vibes. You say things that are not appropriate, or are not correct. You are mentally sneezing on people, and that is just as disgusting and contagious as a physical sneeze.

If you are having a bad day, because you lost an account or you have not made a sale in a week or found that some jerk dented your car in the parking lot when you left work, maybe your just not in the best frame of mind to talk to people. There is no shame in taking a mental sick day from networking and staying home. It’s better to get yourself in the right frame of mind than it is to have mental mucus dripping everywhere. (there’s an image I can’t get out of my head)

So when you feel that way, stay home, get into your pajamas and have some psychological chicken soup and just get better.

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