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Go Team Go - Why Sponsor Local Sports Teams

My mom hates sports. Just HATES it. You have no idea how happy she was that I chose playing the piano over hockey.

Not my actual mom

(not actual mom)

But, though she hates it, (and I mean like totally hates it) she understands the benefits of sports, especially for kids. The comradery, the skills learned working as a team, the physical and mental benefits of exercise. The biggest obstacle is that sports can be quite expensive and many teams lack the financial support to equip the players, and that is where sponsorship from companies come in.

There are 4 main reason to sponsor a local sports team:

Enhance your company's image

Blazoned across every jersey is the name of your company. Every time the team plays, be it in your community or if they go on the road, your business is being advertised to your potential clients. Essentially you have a walking billboard promoting your company.

Defining your corporate identity

It is all important today to show that your company cares. That you want to make your community a better place, and by sponsoring a pee wee hockey team for example shows that you are a contributor to not only the community at large but to the growth of children's mental and physical well being.

Public Perception

By sponsoring a local team, your company will be recognized as contributor to your community. It shows that you care about the people who live where you do business. Everything is not just about the all mighty dollar. People like to support companies that care.

Build business networks

You will have an opportunity to go the games meet the people who you have helped with your sponsorship. Talk to them, network with the players or parents. Coaches and volunteers. Every person you speak with at a game is a potential client for your company.


An excerpt from “Sponsorship Myths Busted / Why Sponsor Events”

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