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No phone in the tradeshow booth

Cell phones are great for business. They are our computers, our phones, our email, our lifeline to our company. The one place they don’t belong though is in the tradeshow booth. There are two simple reasons for this:

It’s looks unprofessional and your miss potential clients.

If you were to walk into any retail store and saw the employees standing around chatting or texting or checking their social media on their phones, you would get angry and think what kind of manager let’s them get away with that. They should be paying attention to their job. How are they going to make any sales to a potential customers if they are looking down at their phone?

The difference in this scenario is that they are probably making minimum wage and have no care what happens to the company they are working for, whereas you have paid a thousand dollars to be at that tradeshow and each person that walks by is a lost potential customer.

If you need to use the phone, go behind your display or even better just leave the booth all together.


An excerpt from “The Chair Is Your Enemy: How To Work A Tradeshow”

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