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Jean-Paul has been speaking since he was 10 months old and has not stopped since.

With a penchant for performing Jean-Paul graduated from Sheridan College with a Diploma in Musical Theatre Performance, then continued his studies at York University where he received a Degree in Theatre Studies.  Jean-Paul has performed in, produced, written and directed

many plays and musicals. Today he can be found on the internet radio station '' as a DJ.

As an entrepreneur he has run a number of successful companies including Performers Looking for Work, Ground Zero, Ottawa Flashpoint Photobooth, Sponsearch and Musical Theatre Radio.

Jean-Paul has won a number of awards including: 

2013 Ottawa Entrepreneurial Rising Star Award Winner

2014 Ottawa Wedding Awards Winner - Photobooth Category 

2015 Home based Business of the Year - Award Winner - West Ottawa Board of Trade



Sponsorship Myths Busted / Why Sponsor Events

McDonalds does it. Coca Cola does it. Why isn't your company?
Learn about the benefits of sponsorship as well as dispelling some of the myths associated with sponsorship.

Trade shows are a great way to promote your company but why spend all that money if you are just going to sabotage your investment.
Learn all about trade show etiquette, the best booth placements, and how the chair is your enemy.

The Chair is Your Enemy - How To Work A Trade Show

There are many ways to create an interest in your company but your best marketing tool is you. Learn the ins & outs of networking. Learn how to prepare for an event, how to meet people, & how to follow up after. 

A Collaboration with Jarrod Goldsmith from eSAX Networking.

Networking - Your Best Marketing Tool

Like Me!, Follow Me!!, Buy My Stuff!!!

Putting the Social Back in Social Media

Speaking Topics

You wouldn't walk up to someone at a networking event and scream in their face that they are an idiot and then walk away, so why do people do that with their social media accounts? 

Learn to recognize when you are being a jerk on social media, and then stop it. 


“Jean-Paul does an amazing balancing act keeping the audience well informed and entertained. Never a dull moment”

Blair Kilrea  

Co-founder @ Collab Space


"Jean-Paul is a very engaging and energetic speaker. With a background in entrepreneurship, theater and musical performance, he is able to combine essential elements into his workshops that resonate with audiences."


Jarrod Goldsmith 

(Leader @ Sax Appeal and Founder of eSAX – the Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience)


"Jean-Paul shared some tips related to developing a sponsorship plan and approaching potential sponsors with our Startup York group, and his talk was very well received.  Participants at our meetup thought the information he shared (including Q&A) was relevant and actionable, and everyone walked away with new insights - definitely would ask him back to speak again.”


Lucas Chang  

Program Director @ Startup York


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