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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words,

so a video must be worth at least ten thousand.

Back in the day, when we didn't know how to do something, say cook a romantic dinner,  we would either look it up in a book, ask someone or just give up in frustration because we nearly burned the house down.

Today, there are tens of millions of videos that can help you figure out whatever you need to figure out. Why? Because videos are, quick and simple and explain it just as well, if not better than any of those other options.

We are creating a series of 'How to..." videos for the Remo platform. They cover "How to Log In" for your guests, "What you need to know to be a Speaker", "How to be A Host" and everything in between. 

The videos are constantly being updated and added to as new topics or subjects are presented to us.

How to use remo female holding phone (1)


$250 -Early Bird Price

  • Allows you a lifetime access to all of the videos created

  • All videos are generic and logo free



$25 per video - Add you company logo

  • Your company logo is added to the title and a small version down in the right hand corner

All prices in Canadian

Add 13% tax to all prices


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